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When I set out to develop this simple Vitamin C salad, I wanted to come up with a dish that was exactly what the name suggested. It needed to pack a ton of Vitamin C, and it had to be something that you could make really easily, whether you’re sick, on the verge, or just feeling normal and in need of a health boost.

There are so many leafy greens and other vegetables that provide Vitamin C, but I didn’t go that route because nobody wants to turn on the stove or cook anything when they’re feeling sick. Instead, I went full-on citrus and packed in some fruits that I love that don’t get enough attention. The main ingredients are mango, kiwis, and various citrus. They all pack a lot of Vitamin C, and they’re all in season right now. Just take your fruit, peel it, and cut it however you want. Irregular pieces are totally great. It doesn’t matter! You’re going to eat it! Just get it into pieces you can chew.

You know those intense, $18 juice shots? That’s basically what this dressing is. I use store-bought carrot juice—if you want to make your own, that’s great, but you don’t need to—a little bit of turmeric, some lime juice, and a lot of grated ginger. This is a high-energy, cold-busting dressing. The carrot juice adds even more Vitamin C plus Vitamin A, and it also lends a sweetness and creamy velvetiness that I just love. It’s not thick, but it definitely has a richness to it and it coats the fruit, which I like. And it goes well with a drizzle of olive oil.

To dress the salad, spoon half the carrot dressing into a shallow bowl and arrange the citrus, mango, and kiwis on top. Add on the remaining dressing, then top with a drizzle of olive oil, sea salt, and red pepper flakes if you crave a little spice. This Vitamin C salad is so juicy, intense, zingy, and gingery—if this doesn’t make you feel better, I don’t know what will.

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