The Michelin Guide announced at a live ceremony today which restaurants in Germany earned or kept their star ratings. This year, 43 German restaurants welcomed new Michelin stars. 

All existing three-starred restaurants maintained their ranking, while one new restaurant earned a third star. The restaurant in question, Jan, comes from namesake chef Jan Hartwig. The chef was “welcomed back to the family” after holding three stars while he was the chef at Munich’s Restaurant Atelier. The guide describes Jan, in Munich, as “precise and well thought-out down to the last detail.” As of this year, there are a total of 10 restaurants in Germany’s thinly occupied three-star tier

A total of eight new restaurants received a second star, and 34 received a first star. This year, Christophe Meyer of Le Pavillon was awarded the guide’s Sommelier Award. Alina Meissner-Bebrout was honored with the Young Chef Award for work at her namesake restaurant, bi:braud.

Last year’s star revelation saw Germany’s total number of starred restaurants increase to 326—a record high for the country. In 2023, that number rose to 334 total restaurants. Behind France, Japan, and Italy, respectively, Germany houses the fourth most Michelin stars in the world. Just one restaurant, the French schanz. restaurant. in Piesport, joined Michelin’s coveted three-star rank in 2022, bumped up from its previous two-star rating. 

The Michelin Guide has fielded criticism over the years for foregrounding Eurocentric restaurants helmed mostly by male chefs, and some critics have called into question the sorts of fine dining restaurants the guide holds up. Still, the Michelin Guide is a revered measure of success in the restaurant industry. 

The new one-star entries include the “rustic bistro-style” Kuultivo and Marburger Esszimmer, which received both a Michelin star and a green star for its vegetable-forward cooking. The one-star rank sees the most flux year to year, welcoming the highest number of new restaurants. Michelin also introduced in 2020 a new category of “green stars,” recognizing restaurants whose service reflects a combination of “culinary excellence with outstanding eco-friendly commitments,” according to the guide. The German guide now features 73 green star restaurants, with 16 new entries this year. Among the new entries is James Farmhouse and Das Grace, both in Flensburg, along with Oben in Heidelberg. 

Find the full list of 2023’s Michelin-starred restaurants in Germany here.

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