The “new” shelf at my Ann Arbor Trader Joe’s was stocked with red, redesigned boxes of Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt, a.k.a. the salt the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen hinges upon. This is huge! It means an oft-called-for salt is more available than it used to be, depending on your proximity to a Trader Joe’s. Then, as I was checking out, a group of employees descended on my cashier and sang her “Happy Birthday” as she blushed deeply and didn’t stop scanning items. It was awkward and sweet. Also sweet: the new Horchata Ice Cream I’m singularly obsessed with this month. Onto the reviews!

Snacky Snacks

Peanut Butter Crispy Rice Bites
These are better than Rice Krispies Treats. Each wrapper has some cheeky saying on it like “is peanutty a word”? and “afternoon snack?” ( yes, to both). There’s a thin layer of chocolate on one side, while the peanut butter offsets all the sugar, and hey, the body needs protein. My friend took one on a long bike ride as a tastier, pocket-sized alternative to energy goo.

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