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A new hot wedding trend just dropped: getting married under the golden arches. McDonald’s Indonesia announced the launch of a new wedding catering package, complete with a steaming spread of chicken nugs (100 packs of them), chicken sandwiches, and McFlurries. It’s economical, it’s festive, it’s delicious, it’s perfect. If I have to haul my hypothetical future engaged self to Indonesia to make it a reality, I’d say that’s a win-win.

In other food happenings, “Girl Dinner” is supposedly a thing now on TikTok—a questionably gendered term to describe throwing an assortment of snacky things on a plate, requiring less cooking than curation. Tomatoes, underlying the latest cool-girl fashion aesthetic, apparently, are in vogue right now. Lastly, the creative minds of TikTok are decorating a specific breed of Ikea lamp to look like an everything bagel. The future is in good hands.

Here’s what else is happening in food moments on the internet this week.

McDonald’s launches a $200 wedding package

Would you celebrate the McHappiest day of your life with…100 chicken sandwiches and 100 packs of four-piece chicken nuggets? McDonald’s announced it’s now offering wedding catering via a post on the brand’s official Indonesian Instagram account. The package starts at 3,500,000 Indonesian rupiah (about $231) and requires a 200-piece minimum—which, easy! I could eat 50 McFlurries right now and I don’t even have a ring on it. Beyond the chicken sandwiches and nuggets “there are other service options as well, where we can also provide food stalls at an additional cost,” Indonesian corporate communication supervisor Rizki Haryadi told The Sun. While it’s only available in Indonesia now, the package could arrive in the US if it takes off. I know you’re already thinking it, but I’m just going to say it: At about $1.20 per item, this is an excellent deal. Why limit the wedding package to tying the knot? Order one and feed everyone at your dad’s 70th birthday party, the rascals on your kid’s school excursion, or yourself—for about 66 days straight. In this economy that’s a 4.8/5 delicious. —Ali Francis, staff writer

What is “girl dinner” and why is everyone on TikTok eating it?

The concept is not a new one—throw together a bunch of your favorite snacks on a plate and call that dinner—but one TikTok user recently dubbed it Girl Dinner, and the trend has taken off. Olivia Maher posted the first Girl Dinner TikTok and later told Insider that eating Girl Dinner is a “feminine experience” (hence the name). But as someone who has been eating a bunch of different snacks in place of meals for the majority of my adult life, I would contend that Girl Dinner is a genderless, beautiful meal. There should be no cooking involved, and it should be made up of your favorite little snackies—which means it’s perfect for the summer heat (no cooking, little cleanup) and ideal for the end of the day when you’re too exhausted to not eat foods that feel like a treat. I’m talking burrata. I’m talking perfectly ripe strawberries. I’m talking tangy, toasted sourdough. Maybe throw some prosciutto on there, I don’t know. It’s light, it’s summery, and I’m rating it 5/5 delicious. —Sam Stone, staff writer

“Tomato girl summer” is the latest internet aesthetic

Haven’t you heard? The latest fashion aesthetic is “Tomato girl summer.” It is not, as far as I can tell, an excuse to let your face burn to a red crisp, but a TikTok trend calling for us all to mimic the lazy, casually cool European summer vacation—“reading romance novels at cafes,” as Teen Vogue says, or perhaps “strolling along the beach, snacking on aperitivo, sauntering to the farmers market for flowers, and, of course, tomatoes,” as Slate says. It’s red—but it’s also neutrals and florals and linens, or something. Ah yes: Another fashion thing that requires us to look great but not like we tried to look great. Effortlessly chic! My favorite oxymoron! Womanhood is a trap! 4.7/5 distressing! This is absolutely not like eating a good tomato, which actually requires very little effort as a cook in order to be fantastic. Just throw it on bread with mayo and salt, or throw it on bread with curry powder and mayo. Achievable. Satisfying. I will just eat tomatoes, buy this cute tomato tote, and fake like I know what cool kids are wearing, which is a 5/5 delicious. —Serena Dai, editorial director

The Tomato Tote$35 at The Bon Appétit Shop

TikTok is decorating an Ikea lamp like an everything bagel

If you were on TikTok in the months leading up to designer Sabine Marcelis’s much-anticipated collab with Ikea, then you probably saw the line’s pièce de résistance, the Varmblixt lamp (a.k.a. “the doughnut lamp”), on your feed. The glossy round orange LED light skyrocketed to It girl status on the platform, making it nearly impossible to find when Marcelis’s collection hit stores. I watched from my bed as people unboxed their lamps and placed them atop stacks of books or incorporated them into their gallery walls. I stalked the Ikea website and set up alerts until I finally got my hands on one. And after Everything Everywhere All at Once won the Oscar for Best Picture, I thought it was best to give it a new name: bagel lamp. Smash cut to present day, when one crafty TikTok user has actually transformed her lamp into an everything bagel thanks to some black, gold, and silver gems, some wooden beads, and glue. “Genius,” I screamed. It’s a design choice that makes perfect sense: When you turn on the lamp, the warm glow makes it look like a fresh-baked bagel. Now, I’m not as daring as she is, so my lamp will have to remain a plain bagel, but I applaud her creativity. 5/5 delicious. — Esra Erol, senior social media manage

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