Street Eats is a Bon Appétit show that shares unprecedented access to the world’s most exciting street food with host Lucas Sin—the talented chef who opened some of NYC’s best Chinese restaurants. In this series Lucas is on the ground visiting vendors, food stands, and more to showcase the incredible techniques, ingredients, and skills needed to make the world’s greatest street food.

At Bon Appétit we often travel to eat new things. Sure, we may scout out a museum here or there, but we’re really booking flights and whipping out passports to experience new flavors and taste dishes we’ve never had. In fact, my favorite travel activity is to dig around for a locals-only food experience—and usually, that’s street food. There’s a specific joy to eating like a local—turning a corner or walking down an alley you know is going to lead you to a food stand with a singular version of the dish you’ve been craving for weeks.

Street food and the people behind a city’s most beloved dishes are always worth celebrating, and that’s what we aim to showcase in our new series. In our first episode, we’re in Hong Kong, Lucas’s hometown and a city renowned for its street carts, food stands, and streetside restaurants open at all hours of the night. We eat a variety of seafood-focused stir fries at Oi Man Song, an open-air curbside restaurant where dishes are cooked over a blistering hot fire. We try legendary claypot rice at Hing Kee, where a crunchy, craggy jasmine rice acts as the base for the flagship dish. The flavors from fatty toppings like goose liver, eel, and savory beef drip onto the fluffy grains.

And to end the evening at 3 a.m., we bite into luscious egg yolk custard buns and steamed dumplings at Sun Hing, one of Hong Kong’s last operating late-night dim sum restaurants,. So—if you can’t hop on a plane to try any of these legendary dishes yourself, you can join Bon Appétit on our journey around the world in Street Eats. Here’s a trailer:

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