It’s truly out of the frying pan and into the discount fire with these Prime Day cookware deals. Sure, we know you’re already obsessively checking our kitchen deals post for all the appliances and gadgets on sale. We don’t blame you for wanting to snag a shiny espresso machine or treat yourself to an ice cream maker, but trust us—you also want to score deals on these kitchen essentials. This Prime Day, you can get a fully outfitted 10-piece All-Clad set for well under $1,000 and a Lodge cast-iron skillet for half the normal price. That get your attention? Good. Let’s start shopping.

Here are the basics of Amazon Prime Day deals: Some items will be on sale all day today. But the sales event will also feature elusive Lightning Deals—deals that will pop up for six-hour periods and sell out quickly. Be sure to check back as we update this post with the most current sales. All retailer sales and coupons will be automatically applied at checkout and are available to Prime members. Without further ado, here are the best Amazon Prime Day cookware deals to shop and shop hard. Rest assured we’ve got all of the good stuff, and none of the fluff.

Skip the reading and go straight to some of our the best cookware deals:

GreenPan Rio Nonstick Skillet, or skip to more ceramic nonstick cookware deals

Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet, or skip to more cast-iron cookware deals

All-Clad 10-Piece Stainless-Steel Cookware Set, or skip to more cookware set deals

Tramontina Nonstick Pan, or skip to more skillet deals

Lodge 6-Quart Dutch Oven, or skip to more Dutch oven and enameled cast-iron deals

Staub Ceramic Baking Dish Set, or skip to more bakeware deals

Ceramic nonstick cookware

If you’re looking for ceramic nonstick cookware, Green Pan has come out on top in our test of the best nonstick cookware. A few of our staffers highly recommend Caraway, as well. We particularly love their baking sheet, which is roomy and designed to withstand ultra high temperatures, and their large nonstick skillet, which is big enough to cook a whole dinner and avoid dirtying multiple pans. Caraway’s nonstick bakeware has come out on top of our test of the best muffin pans, so that’s a great deal to steal right now, as well. You’ll find Caraway deals on their site, as well as on Amazon and Target (provided you’re a Circle Member).

DEAL: Caraway Nonstick Ceramic Sauce Pan with Lid$105 $84 at AmazonDEAL: GreenPan Rio 10″ Ceramic Non-Stick Frying Pan$25 $21 at TargetDeal: GreenPan Paris Pro Ceramic Nonstick Skillet Set$90 $60 at AmazonCaraway Sauté Pan$145 $130 at CarawayDEAL: Caraway Sheet Pan$55 $49 at Caraway$45 $36 at Amazon$45 $40 at TargetDEAL: Caraway 9-piece Nonstick Ceramic Cookware Set$395 $355 at Target$395 $355 at CarawayDeal: Caraway 11-Piece Bakeware Set$395 $356 at Caraway$395 $355 at TargetDEAL: Caraway Muffin Tin$50 $45 at Caraway$45 $40 at Amazon

Cast-iron cookware

A cast iron skillet will come in handy for many things: skillet lasagna, butter-basted steak, and apple upside-down cake to name a few. If you don’t have one yet, we recommend this Lodge cast-iron skillet, which is pre-seasoned and on sale for less than $20—one of the best Prime Day deals for a workhorse kitchen tool you’ll likely use almost every day. And while this large, flat cast-iron pan might be marketed for pizza—and work very well for pizza for that matter—it can also be used as a flat top griddle for grilling smaller vegetables or making pancakes and bacon. The bottom line: cast-iron cookware is extremely versatile.

DEAL: Lodge Cast Iron Square Grill Pan, 10.5″$40 $22 at AmazonDeal: Lodge Cast Iron Skillet$34 $20 at AmazonDEAL: Lodge 4-Inch Seasoned Cast Iron Pizza Pan$75 $70 at Amazon

Stainless-steel cookware sets

While we don’t always recommend buying a full cookware set (you can have a fully equipped kitchen with just a few choice pans), we’ll make an exception for a set from one of our all-time favorite cookware companies, All-Clad. It includes a frying pan food director Chris Morocco calls “the pan you will never get bored of, cannot destroy, and will never let you down.”  This is an excellent Prime Day kitchen deal (40% off) on professional-quality pans that you (or perhaps a recent graduate) will use forever. If you want to level-up a bit from the standard All-Clad 10-piece cookware set, go for a copper core. Read more about copper cookware and find out if it’s worth the splurge. And if you really must have a nonstick cookware set, we recommend going for All-Clad for that, too.

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