ON THIS WEEK’S episode of Dinner SOS, food director and host Chris Morocco and deputy food editor Hana Asbrink help caller Ilana create a brownie that doesn’t result in a sugar buzz yet still has all of the chocolaty goodness.

Ilana called at the right time. It just so happens that Chris just developed a Triple-Chocolate Brownie recipe for the Bon Appétit video series “How I Developed.” While Ilana might not love overly sweet desserts, she admits to being a huge fan of dark chocolate and she’s hoping to find a recipe that is chocolate first and sugar second.

When Ilana’s not craving brownies, she’s a circus artist, so she’s willing to walk the tightrope and make a few recipe adjustments (of course, with Chris’s permission) in pursuit of the perfect brownie. And Hana encourages Ilana to have some fun with it—throwing in a handful of peanut butter chips or a pinch of cayenne or even a little more salt to play against the chocolaty flavor. Listen now to hear if Chris and Hana can convince Ilana that this recipe walks the high wire between sweet and well-balanced.

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